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Did you know that there’s a different type of plague that continues to spread across China? In the eyes of the government, Christian worship is still a plague on society!

Chinese Christians have prayed for government officials amid the coronavirus.  They’ve even stood in the streets offering prayers and masks to their fellow citizens.  

Unfortunately, the Chinese Communist Party waged many battles on Easter to further try to quarantine the Christian faith across the country.  

One of which came at the hands of government officials who decided to use the day to demolish a church in Xining City. The Donghu TSPM church was more than two decades old!

I’m sure you might remember reading about the brave and faithful members of the Early Rain Covenant Church.  Authorities in Chengdu forcefully took away many of the church’s leaders on Easter Sunday

Can you believe the Chinese government still continues to harass believers, destroy churches and try to stamp out the Gospel, even amid a global pandemic?

However, I know the past few weeks have been a powerful moment of intercession for the persecuted Body of Christ in China.

Maybe your church has closed its doors for a short time and decided to stream worship.  Now you know, like our Christian brothers and sisters in China, that just because the physical church building is shut, God’s true church -- the body of believers -- can’t ever be closed.

But what the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t understand is despite persecution, believers across China are equipped with a supernatural resiliency from our Father in heaven.

 James 1:12 says “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love Him.”

I think it’s very clear for you and me that even if our normal daily routines have stopped due to the coronavirus, persecution against the Body of Christ in China hasn’t stopped one bit.

But there is so much hope! More and more people each day are waking up to the brutality of the Chinese Communist Party against people of faith.   

I understand we are living in some unique times right now.   

But it’s so important you and I work together to make sure our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ aren’t forgotten as they face harassment, intimidation, and arrests from government officials.

Every little bit goes a long way as we fight to make sure the abuses carried out by the Chinese Communist Party during this time don’t fall into obscurity.

Even just $50 dollars goes a long way towards financially supporting pastors and house church leaders who boldly minister the Gospel in China.

But if you’re able to give even more, like $300, $200 or $100, I would be incredibly thankful.  I can assure you that your support will directly impact and change the lives of those behind bars for their faith and for their families

Serving the persecuted with you, 


 Bob Fu


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